Quick Update

12:59 p.m.
It’s been a long time since I’ve actually updated this blog. Basically, I don’t really do a lot of dictation anymore. It occurred to me that dictation is something that gets work out very quickly, but not very thoughtfully.

So lately, I’ve been doing the complete opposite. I’m writing my ideas out on our fountain pen and a nice notebook with sturdy paper.

Now, I suppose I could be doing both, but really, I think dictation was filling some kind of an idea from a…capitalistic? Business oriented mindset? Of getting more things done faster, always faster. But writing that I do off the clock should be contemplative. It should be something that really forces me to slow down and actually appreciate the words that are coming out.

Right now. However, I’m sitting in my car and it’s pouring rain. And I can’t find a comfortable spot to put a notebook down. So, I decided that I would do a dictation for old times sake, update the old blog and make sure that people know that I haven’t disappeared.
It’s a very weird relationship I have between words and getting them out of my head, I’ll give you that.